Lobscouse – A Seafarer’s Dish

My husband was born in Liverpool. The people from Liverpool are fondly called “Liverpudlians” or “Scousers”. Sometimes the rest of the British nation makes fun of the people from Liverpool. And maybe not without reason. The men from Liverpool are meant to be wearing long, black moustaches and chequered shirts.

My husband and I

But I must disappoint you. My husband used to wear a beard in the past. But now he is shaving himself. Despite everything he does like to wear chequered warm shirts at home relaxing from work.


The following dish is called lobscouse and presumably comes from Liverpool. It is a seafarer’s meal and many northern Germans like to eat it, too. When my husband is homesick for the cool North of England, I cook him this dish. Here comes the recipe:


50g fat

1 big onion

400g corned beef

¼ l water

1kg potatoes



6 dried ripe seeds e.g. mustard seeds, pepper seeds etc.

1 bay leaf

2 pickled gherkins





Brown the sliced onion and the coarsely diced corned beef in fat, add water and the diced potatoes with dried ripe seeds. Get to boil on level 3, continue cooking at level 1 for 15 minutes and without power for 10 minutes.

Brown on level 8-9 on the automatic hob, continue cooking on level 5-6. Mash the potatoes, fold in the diced gherkins, taste the dish.

Arrange as a mount. Put the matjes fillets in stripes on top. Add beetroots and fried eggs as a side dish.


After browning add 1/8l of water with the dried ripe seeds and let it boil for 10 minutes.

Then instead of mashed potatoes add one packet of mashed potato powder -4 servings-and mix it in according to the instructions.

Für die deutschen Leser: Dieses und weitere  Gerichte finden Sie in meinem Buch, welches ich bereits vorgestellt habe.

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