Busy bee – fleißiges Bienchen

In the summer I was a busy bee. As a matter of fact, I have been busier than ever. That is why I neglected you a bit. I started to work for a telephone company and did online interpreting. This is rewarding work as I have to arrange medical appointments for English speaking people livingContinue reading “Busy bee – fleißiges Bienchen”

To get through uncertain times – unsichere Zeiten durchstehen

Why is uncertainty so difficult for young people? Goethe, who wrote in the Sturm und Drang era, was himself a young adult. He became famous for his book Warum ist es so schwierig für junge Menschen geduldig zu bleiben? Goethe, der in der Sturm- und Drangzeit schrieb, war selber ein junger Erwachsener. Er wurde berühmtContinue reading “To get through uncertain times – unsichere Zeiten durchstehen”

A day in the laundrette- Ein Tag im Waschsalon

It is the time in the year that the winter duvets have to get washed again. We changed them to light weight summer duvets a while ago. But you have to hang them on the washing line outside to get them completely dry for storage. I had to wait for good weather. In dieser JahreszeitContinue reading “A day in the laundrette- Ein Tag im Waschsalon”

The power of gratitude- Die Macht der Dankbarkeit

It is important to say Thank You. Es ist wichtig, Danke Schön zu sagen. Especially with regard to the upcoming Father’s Day  in the UK, we should make our gratitude known. Besonders am Vatertag, der an diesem Wochenende im Vereinten Königsreich stattfinden wird, sollten wir unsere Dankbarkeit zeigen. For some this coming Father’s Day willContinue reading “The power of gratitude- Die Macht der Dankbarkeit”

Can you hear the echo from Berchtesgaden/Können Sie das Echo von Berchtesgaden hören?

My brother sent me this video clip today. He is spending his holiday in Berchtesgaden. This is a very scenic area in Bavaria. Unfortunately, it was also Hitler’s retreat during WW 2 and it got bad publicity. However, this area is worth a visit. In the video you will listen to a trumpet player. TheContinue reading “Can you hear the echo from Berchtesgaden/Können Sie das Echo von Berchtesgaden hören?”


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