Today is Mother’s Day – Heute ist Muttertag

We do not celebrate mother’s day today in the UK. We have already had our mother’s day in March. But neverthess, today is still an important day to me because I used to phone my mum in Germany to say “Thank you” to her. We Germans celebrate on the same day as the US. NowContinue reading “Today is Mother’s Day – Heute ist Muttertag”

Why hobbies are important for your wellbeing? – Warum sind Hobbys wichtig für Ihr Wohlbefinden?

A hobby can distract your troubled mind. It can help to develop or maintain mental abilities such as memory, logical and abstract thinking and also help you to stay fit. It might help you to find friends when you join a group or club. Pursuing a hobby can help to find an equilibrium in life. EinContinue reading “Why hobbies are important for your wellbeing? – Warum sind Hobbys wichtig für Ihr Wohlbefinden?”

Finally we have flour/Endlich gibt es Mehl

I have to admit it is only bread flour. But this is better than having no flour at all. And today I have made my first bread in ages. I cheated a little bit. I used my bread maker. Doesn’ t it look yummy? Ich muss zugeben, es war nur Mehl zum Brotbacken. Aber dasContinue reading “Finally we have flour/Endlich gibt es Mehl”


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